Quality without compromise.

Jiangsu Sunchem New Materials Co., Ltd. was established on September 12, 2002 with 150 million RMB in registered capital and is located in the Jiangyin Harbor Economic Development District in Jiangyin, Jiangsu, China. Its facility has an area of 88,068.8 square meters (947,965 square feet) and produces 360,000 metric tons (793,664,144 pounds) of EPS annually. Dalian Sunchem New Materials Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of that company, produced 120,000 metric tons (264,554,715 pounds) of EPS during its first phase of a project to produce 360,000 metric tons (793,664,144 pounds) during a one-year period.

The company’s main product is expandable polystyrene. It is branded using the name “Jiachang EPS.” Expandable polystyrene (EPS) is recognized as a simple, convenient, and economical packaging material and a lightweight, insulating construction material. Due to the development of the appliance and high-tech computer industries as well as structural and civil engineering, the demand for EPS is growing on a day-to-day basis. At present, the demand in Mainland China for EPS is about 2,000,000 metric tons (4,409,245,240 pounds) per year, and that demand is growing by more than 10 percent annually. Development of EPS production is also currently being encouraged by the Chinese government. Sunchem was founded with the intent to satisfy the EPS market’s increasing needs and provide high quality, affordable EPS to clients and promote development of the EPS industry at the same time.

To increase competitiveness and to establish a complete supply chain, Sunchem entered a joint venture with world-renowned Norwegian liquid chemical shipping company Odfjell SE to establish Jiangyin Odfjell-Sunchem Terminal Co., Ltd., which operates a dedicated chemical terminal and storage facility and benefits from Odfjell’s extensive liquid chemical shipping experience and excellent reputation. The first phase of the terminal project offered a storage capacity of 100,000 cubic meters (3,531,470 cubic feet) per year and the completed project has a storage capacity of 1,000,000 cubic meters (35,314,670 cubic feet).

At the same time, Sunchem entered another joint venture with Sinopec in Hainan to establish Sinopec Shihua-Sunchem Chemical Co., Ltd. and construct a styrene monomer (SM) production facility with an annual output of 80,000 metric tons (176,369,810 pounds). This has caused Sunchem Group to obtain a supply chain with a high risk-resistance capacity and consisting of chemical trade and chemical industry components as well as a terminal and warehouse which handle chemical products

The company places an emphasis on environmental, fire control, and industrial safety. Government standards and requirements were adhered to from the beginning of the development phase, and the guiding principles of environmental protection, fire control, and safety enabled the company to design, construct, and operate all at the same time. Sunchem did not hesitate to invest substantial amounts of money and set up advanced equipment such as an automatic spraying system, foam fire control equipment, a 1,000 square meter (10,764 square feet) reservoir for fire control purposes, fireproof coating, a water pollution control facility capable of handling up to 800 metric tons (1,763,698 pounds) of water per day, a tower capable of absorbing waste gas, and a waste gas incinerator among others. Electronic equipment inside the facility is designed to resist explosion and is controlled by the industry’s first computer distribution control system (DCS) for administration purposes, to reduce workloads, to increase efficiency, and to ensure stability and production safety in addition to complimenting plans for the establishment of a green manufacturing facility. For these reasons, Sunchem has become known for its adherence to environmental protection, fire control, and safety standards.