AL Series – Low Pentane

Jiangsu Sunchem New Materials Co., Ltd. AL series EPS is a standard grade expandable polystyrene with a standard expansion ratio and a wide range of applications. It becomes relatively light after one expansion, and its density decreases further after multiple expansions. Its wide range of applications include packaging for electronic products, agriculture, fishing, thermal insulation used for construction, fishing buoys, handicrafts, containers for food and beverages, decorative materials, lost-foam casting, and the construction of light, durable tools.

The slightly elevated expansion ratio of Sunchem AL series EPS results in its long-lasting, strong form. The product is very suitable for melting, has a smooth surface, can be used in a wide range of different environments, has a large number of applications, and is resistant to shrinkage. It is also resistant to chemical attack.

Series Grade Bead Size
Foam density
Principal Applications
AL – Standard
AL-105 0.5-1.6 1.1-2.5 High strength packaging
AL-106 0.3-0.6 1.5-2.5 High strength packaging

Technical Specifications:

Specifications AL series
Sieving 95%
Bulk density 0.5-0.6
Blowing agent Pentane
Blowing agent <4.0%
Residual Monomer ≤0.3%
Moisture content ≤0.5%
CFC content None detected

AL Series PDF Brochure

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