B Series – High Expansion Grade


Sunchem B series EPS is the raw material of high expansion ratio to realize light beads in gram weight by one-time expansion and even suitable to make lighter plastic foam by several expansions. Therefore, it should be better to meet with the product of less than 18g/l by one-time expansion and 10g/lby several expansions to be widely used in machinery and electronic product packaging, fishery flotation buoy, crafts, decorative material, lost foam casting and light apparatus with resistance to attack as well as light board.

B series obtains the properties of high expansion ratio, rapid expansion, low energy consumption, short aging time and molding cycle. Its product also realizes the characteristics of good fusion, smooth surface, stable material, wide option as well as difficult shrinkage and distortion.

Series Grade Bead Size
Foam density
Principal Applications
B-103 1.00-1.60 10-12.5 Use for electric packing,
block, craftwork, box etc.,
especially use for low
density block
B-104 0.85-1.25 11-14
B-105 0.70-1.00 12.5-13
B-106 0.50-0.80 13-18
B-107 0.40-0.60 25-33
B-108 0.30-0.50 18-50

Technical Specification:

Specifications B-series
Sieving 95%
Bulk density 0.5-0.6
Blowing agent Pentane
Blowing agent >4.0%
Residual Monomer =0.3%
Moisture content =0.5%
CFC content nil


1.Pre-expansion: Batch pre-expander(“FANGYUAN”PSJ-110 type)
Item B-series
Main steam pressure(kg/cm2) 4.5-6
Steam pressure for pre-expanding(kg/cm2) 1.0
Temperature in vessel(?) 105-110
Feeding speed(kg/times) 4-5
Heating time (s) 23-30
Weight (g/L) 9.5-11.5
2.Aging time:
Maturation after pre-expansion B-series
Summer & Autumn 3-4h
Winter & Spring 4-5h
3.Molding:(“jin Cheng”JC-ll D type)
Molding data B-series
Main steam pressure(kg/cm2) 5.0-7.0
Air pressure(kg/cm2) 5.0-7.0
Cooling water pressure(kg/cm2) 3.5-5.0
Penetrating pressure(kg/cm2) 0.50-0.65
Molding pressure(kg/cm2) 0.50-0.63
Mold fixing pressure(kg/cm2) 0.40-0.50
Mold moving pressure(kg/cm2) 0.35-0.45
Penetrating heating (s) 8-12
Molding heating (s) 4-6
Heat preserving time (s) 5
Water cooling time (s) 15-30
Draining (s) 2-5
Sealed time (s) 15-20
Cycle time (s) 130-140
4..Big size Molding of construction material:
Big Size Molding of construction material B-104 B-105
Aging time(g/l) 6.2-7.0 6.8-7.4
Air pressure(Mpa) 0.08 0.08
Preheating time (s) 8 8
Penetrating pressure 1(Mpa) 0.061 0.05
Penetrating pressure 2(Mpa) 0.08 0.08
Penetrating time 1 (s) 11 10.5
Penetrating time 2 (s) 1.3 1.3
Heat preserving time (s) 12 12
Blow down time (s) 12 12
Cooling time (s) 250 250
Unlock time (s) 5.4 5.4
Molding unload (s) 13.2 13.2
Demoulding (s) 1 1

PDF – B Series – Standard Grade

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