D Series – Fast Cycling Grade


Sunchem D series EPS’s molecular weight and blowing agent is less than A series, so its heating time and aging time is less than A series. Therefore, it can reduce energy use and improve efficiency. D series obtains high expansion ratio, short aging time, close cell size and flat appearance. It is suitable for rapid cooling in automatic molding machine. D series EPS is widely used in packing materials of protecting articles from breakage & Thermal insulations.

Series Grade Bead Size
Foam density
Principal Applications
D-103 1.00-1.60 14-17 Use for electric packing,
block, china packing and
high density product
D-104 0.85-1.25 15-20
D-105 0.70-1.00 17-25
D-106 0.50-0.80 18-29

Technical Specification:

Specifications D-series
Sieving 95%
Bulk density 0.5-0.6
Blowing agent Pentane
Blowing agent >4.0%
Residual Monomer =0.3%
Moisture content =0.5%
CFC content nil


1.Pre-expansion: Batch pre-expander(“FANGYUAN”PSJ-110 type)
Item D-series
Main steam pressure(kg/cm2) 5-6
Steam pressure for pre-expanding(kg/cm2) 1.10
Temperature in vessel(?) 108-110
Feeding speed(kg/times) 4.8-5.6
Heating time (s) 20-35
Weight (g/L) 10.5-13.5
2.Aging time:
Maturation after pre-expansion D-series
Summer & Autumn 3-4h
Winter & Spring 3-4h
3.olding:(“jin Cheng”JC-ll D type)
Molding data D-series
Main steam pressure(kg/cm2) 5.0-7.0
Air pressure(kg/cm2) 5.0-7.0
Cooling water pressure(kg/cm2) 3.5-5.0
Penetrating pressure(kg/cm2) 0.50-0.65
Molding pressure(kg/cm2) 0.50-0.63
Mold fixing pressure(kg/cm2) 0.40-0.50
Mold moving pressure(kg/cm2) 0.35-0.45
Penetrating heating (s) 10-15
Molding heating (s) 6-8
Heat preserving time (s) 5
Water cooling time (s) 5-15
Draining (s) 2-5
Sealed time (s) 5-12
Cycle time (s) 100-120

PDF – D Series – Standard Grade

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